[Walkthrough] Choices: Endless Summer Book 1

*Most this are my own choices so let me know what you guys picked out in the comments below:)

Act 1, Chapter 1: This Must Be Heaven

[1] I dreamt about you! Sean+1
[2] Outta my way! Sean-1
[3] Ever wanted to hook up on an airplane Sean+p1

[1] Top Gun  Jake+1
[2] Aragon  Jake+1
[3] Jared Leto  Jake+1
[4] Hotness  Jake+1
(Any chose is good, he'll like you either way)

 - Quinn
[1] Take her hand Quinn+1
[2] Tell a joke Quinn+2
 - Sean Sean+2
 [1] Sing to myself Sean+2
 [2] Hold someones's hand Sean+1
 [3] Find someone to kiss Sean+2

[1] Exactly. So what are YOU doing here? Michelle-3
[2] You're super gorgeous. You must be together. Michelle+3

[1] She's too quiet
[2] There are too many of us Diego+1

 -Control tower with Jake 12 diamonds
[1] What got you into this business?Jake+1
[2] What did you do before this? Jake+1

[1] Magical Jake+1
[2] Lonely Jake+1

[1] Touch the glass
[2] Hold Jake's hand Jake+2
 -Beach with Quinn 12 diamonds, Quinn+1
[1] Barely able to float! Quinn+1
[2] Pretty much an Olympian Quinn+1

[1] Ask what happened
[2] Splash her! Quinn+1
 -Hotel with the group

Act 1, Chapter 2: We've All Got Secrets

[1] AWESOME! Grace-1, Craig+2
[2] Creepy... Grace+2, Craig-1

[1] There was an incident
[2] This is all some kind of prank

[1] Shut up, Jake Sean +2, Jake -1
[2] Back off, Sean Sean -1, Jake +2
[3] Will you BOTH quit puffing your chests out? Sean, Jake+1

 - Restaurant with Raj 
[1] Okay! Raj +2
[2] Make Craig do it! Craig +1

 - Pool with Grace
[1] Climb in the hammock! Jake +1, Aleister -1
[2] Roll Jake out of the hammock! Aleister +2

 - Ballroom with Zahra
[1] Are Beautiful! Lila +1
[2] Mean nothing without true love Quinn +1
[3] Are a sham Zahra +1

[1] Drink the wine Zahra +1
[2] Turn it down Lila +1

[1] You need to share it with the group. Now Grace -4
[2] It's okay to keep it, I trust you Grace+4

 - Rainforest Suite 20 diamonds
 - Honeymoon Suite 20 diamonds
 - Your assigned room

[1] Find the adventure in the life you are given Diego+1
[2] Force the universe to listen Diego +1

 - Go to the pool party 19 diamonds, Raj, Craig, Zahra+1
[1] Make a new drink inspired by me! Jake+2
[2] I'm making YOU a drink! Jake+1 
- Go to bed early 

 - Swim with Sean
[1] That was terrible
[2] You're lucky you're cute Sean+1

- Dodge Left Sean+2
- Dodge Right Sean+2

- Go Right!
- Go back!
Sean+2, Michelle-1

 - Stargaze with Estela
[1] That's not me Estela+1
[2] Maybe people just want to be liked in return Estela+4

Act 1, Chapter 3: All Kinds of Crazy

[1] Defend yourself Raj-1, Estela+1
[2] Apologize Raj+1, Estela-1

[1] Craig, Raj and Michelle Craig, Michelle+1
[2] Grace, Aleister and Zahra 

[1] A blizzard?
[2] A volcanic eruption? Lila+1
[3] Raj's cooking? Raj-1

[1] I want to know what's going on Diego+1
[2] I want to see the island
[3] None of your business

[1] Reach out and smell a flower Quinn+1
[2] Step away from the flowers Jake+1

 - Check out the cliff with Jake 16 diamonds
[1] I love the outdoors
[2] I'm more of a city gal

[1] Yup, that's it
[2] Actually...I wanted to spend some time with you Jake+2

- Grab the ledge! Jake+2
 - Check out the waterfall with Quinn 16 diamonds, Quinn+1
[1] I love the outdoors
[2] I'm more of a city gal

[1] Yup, that's it
[2] Actually...I wanted to spend some time with you Quinn+2

[1] Kiss Quinn Quinn+3
[2] Splash Quinn
 - Wait here with Aleister

[1] Look in the hole Diego+1
[2] Ask Diego to do it

Act 1, Chapter 4: Cut and Run

[1] Get behind Quinn! 
[2] Step in front of Quinn! Quinn+1

[1] Go for the door!
[2] Go for the fire extinguisher! Jake+2, Lila+1, Quinn+1

[1] It DOES matter what we're up against, Jake Aleister+1, Jake-1
[2] Seriously, Aleister, focus on the real problem here Aleister-1, Jake+1

[1] Right Jake+1, Lila-1
[2] Scared Lila+1, Jake-1

[1] Left
[2] Right

[1] Left
[2] Right
(You'll end up lost either way)

[1] Bash the chain
[2] Spray the chain Aleister+2

[Password]: "Zodiac" Diego, Quinn+2

 - See what Sean is doing 17 diamonds
 - See what Estela is doing 17 diamonds
 - See what Zahra is doing 17 diamonds

[1] Say hi to Raj!
[2] Prank Him! Craig, Zahra+2
*Prank him Raj -1/ Raj +1 

Act 1, Chapter 5: It's What You're Meant For

[1] Fine Jake+1
[2] Freaking out

 - Jake 16 diamonds
[1] I'll take a little Jake+1
[2] No way!
*Jake+2, Jake+1

[1] I could get used to this view Jake+1
[2] Get off me, dude!

 - Quinn 16 diamonds

[1] Hang on!
[2] Let go!

[1] Get turned around!
[2] Drop the item!
[3] Keep your grip!

- You 17 diamonds
 - Swim with both hands!
 - Keep holding on tight!
 - Bump into the wall!
 - Compressions Quinn+1
 - Breathing Quinn+1
 - Airway Quinn+1

- Someone else

[1] Scream! Craig, Estela-1, Michelle+2
[2] Punch! Craig+1, Michelle-3

[1] I want to help Estela+1
[2] I'm gonna find out what it is Estela-1

[1] Not even me? Estela+1
[2] Sucks for you. I love surprises

[1] Venture into the smoke! 10 diamonds Jake+1
[2] Give up!

(When you find most of the clues you'll unlock the bonus scene!)

Act 2, Chapter 6: The World Has a Habit of Crushing You

[1] Don't go Estela-1
[2] ...Be careful Estela+1

[1] Focus Sean+1
[2] Forget Jake+1

[1] One of us
[2] Someone else in the island Grace, Sean+1

[1] Right. The present matters more Craig, Jake+1
[2] Wrong. The future matters more Sean+1, Craig-1

[1] Flip a coin
[2] Settle it with a vote Aleister, Michelle+1

[1] Leave now Sean, Michelle+1, Diego-1
[2] Stay put Sean-1, Jake, Craig+1

 - You 20 diamonds

 - Have fun with Jake Sean-1, Jake+2, Quinn+2, Craig+1

Team up with:
 - Miss
 - Hit Jake+2 - Miss

[1] I've done it plenty of times.
[2] No, but there's a first time for everything.

-Go jet-skiing with Jake 18 diamonds
[1] You Jake+1
[2] The view of the island!

[1] Me too.
[2] I understand.

[1] Ride with Jake.
[2] Take your own jet ski.

 - Investigate with Sean Sean+3, Lila+1
[1] Ask how she knows how to do this
[2] Say nothing Zahra+1

[1] Beautiful Lila+1
[2] Barren... Aleister+1, Grace+1

[1] Did you find something?
[2] What did you just hide from us? Clue

[1] Let's stay positive. We can do this! Aleister-1
[2] I guess you're not clever enough to solve this Aleister+1

 - Read the reports 18 diamonds

- Yell at Sean's group! Aleister, Grace-1
Yell at Jake's group! Michelle, Craig-1
(It's better to let the timer run out)

Act 2, Chapter 7: Pies Make Peace

[1] Defend Jake Jake+1, Sean-1
[2] Defend Sean Sean+1, Jake-1
[3] Stay out of it Diego+1

[1] Is genius Raj+1
[2] Is the dumbest thing I've ever heard

[1] Friendship?
[2] Family?
[3] A community coming together with unity and support?

[1] Repeat that again?
[2] I got it

[1] Are you guys trying to get drunk? Zahra+1
[2] Isn't there a more important task you should be doing?

[1] Armond de Fleur
[2] Fleur de Lis
[3] Creme de Lis

[1] Count me in! Craig+1
[2] I'll pass. Gotta stay focused Zahra-1

[1] Creme de Lis
[2] Creme de la Creme
[3] Creme Brulee

[1] Have one Zahra+2
[2] Pass

[1] I'm in. Let's check the V.I.P Lounge! 17 diamonds Zahra, Craig+2
[2] Sorry guys, I'm out

[1] Count me in! 19 diamonds
[2] Sorry, I gotta go

 - Aleister
 - Michelle
 - Grace

[1] To new friends!
[2] To adventure!
[3] To Raj!

Act 2, Chapter 8: You Always Have to Be the Hero

[1] Go, team, go!
[2] Crush them all!
[3] ...I have no idea what's happening! 

[1] Turn around!
[2] Wake up!

[1] I don't want to lose you Sean+2
[2] This is too important to rely on one person Sean+1
[3] I don't need some knight and shining armor

[1] A piece of cake Raj+1, Jake-1
[2] Extremely dangerous Raj-1, Jake+1

[1] Great! Michelle+2
[2] What for?

[1] We don't trust you
[2] I need you to figure out Rourke's password Lila+2
[3] I have a crush on you!

 - Take Jake along 20 diamonds

[1] If you're hot, you could just take off your shirt Jake+2 
[2] I'd like to know if you ever stop complaining

[1] I do know Sean+1
[2] You sure about that?

[1] That's brave, Grace Grace+2
[2] Searching for it with who? Aleister? Grace-2, Craig+1, Zahra+1, Sean-1

[1] Run! 
[2] Get down! Jake+1

[1] You seem like you've done this before Jake+2
[2] What are you gonna do if we DO find it?

[1] Behind us
[2] To our right
[3] To our left

[1] Aaah!
[2] Oh my god!
[3] Look out! Zahra+1

Act 2, Chapter 9: Out of the Frying Pan...Into the Fire

[1] Aim for its legs!
[2] Aim for the ground! Estela+2

[1] We're calling for help Estela+1
[2] None of your damn business

 - Follow Estela 18 diamonds

[1] I want to help
[2] I want to get to know you
[3] I dreamt that you told me Estela+3

[1] Fcous no Estale
[2] Fsocu on Etelas
[3] Focus on Estela Estela+1

[1] I'm not. Do you want me to be? Estela+1
[2] Maybe I am. You're dangerous

[1] Push harder!
[2] Call for Estela's spear! Estela+2

[1] I'm sorry
[2] How is that my fault?

 - Sean
 - Jake Jake+1
 - Estela

[1] What up, party people?!
[2] Ya boy Raj in the house?!

[1] Stay as Raj
[2] Wake yourself up

[1] I can feel (player's name) in my head right now
[2] If we put good vibes into the world, they'll come true

[1] Bellyflop in the pool!
[2] Surprise dodgeball game!

[1] What's meant to be, will be
[2] Tell her how you feel
[3] Write her a song

[1] Trip!
[2] Step! Sean+1
[3] Slip!

[1] Don't worry, we're gonna be fine! Grace-1
[2] I need you to focus if we're gonna get out of this! Grace+2

[1] Tree root?
[2] Other ledge? Craig+1

[1] You can do this! Sean+1
[2] Craig can do this! Sean+1

Act 2, Chapter 10: No Escape

[1] Run back and help her! Michelle+3
[2] Keep running!

[1] Check out the computers
[2] Check out the pad
[3] Check out the door  
[4] Check out the window
(can choose at any order)

Act 3, Chapter 11: Rock The Boat

[1] Tough Sean+1, Michelle-1
[2] Lucky Sean-1, Michelle+1

[1] Estela is right Esteala+1, Raj-1, Iris-1
[2] Raj is right Esteala-1, Raj+1, Iris+1

[1] We are turbo-screwed Diego+1, Jake+1, Quinn-1
[2] It's up to then Diego-1, Jake-1, Quinn+1

[1] Of course we'll still talk Quinn+1
[2] To be honest, I doubt it Quinn-1

 - Adventure outfit 25 diamonds, Quinn+1, Zahra+1
 - Your regular clothes

[1] Thanks
[2] You can watch Quinn+1

[1] Tell him Jake's joking Diego+1, Jake-1
[2] Shrug Diego-1, Jake+1

[1] Trying to change things only gets you hurt Craig+1, Aleister+1, Sean-1
[2] If you don't try, How do you ever found out what you're capable of? Zahra-1, Aleister-1, Sean+1, Estela+2

[1] Comfort Sean
[2] Yell at him Sean+1

[1] Craig
 - You're being selfish Craig-1
 - I have nothing to go home to either Craig+1
[2] Jake
 - Fire it in the air Jake-1
 - Save it Jake+1
[3] Diego
 - Read the dossiers 16 diamonds
[4] Lila
 - Stop her
 - Go with her Lila+2, Sean+1, Jake+1
(If you didn't choose to wear the adventure outfit) Lila+1, Lila-1, Sean-1, Jake-1

[1] I'll join Jake and Sean on the boat 19 diamonds
[2] I'll stay behind

[1] Jake Jake+3
[2] Sean Sean+3
[3] Both Sean+1, Jake+1
[4] Do it yourself Jake+1, Sean+1

Act 3, Chapter 12: The Enemy Is Out There

(If you chose to stay behind)*
[1] Figure out a way to save them! Diego, Craig+1, Zahra, Aleister-1
[2] Get to safety!

- Reverse!
- Scream!

- Swerve right!
- Go straight!
Swerve left!

[1] Scream!
[2] Flail!
[3] Hang on! Sean, Jake+1

*[1] Fight 20 diamonds
 [2] Run Jake+1

*[1] Hold steady! Sean+1
[2] Swerve!

[1] Swerve!
[2] Hold steady!  Jake+1
[3] Swerve!

[1] Hold steady!
[2] Hold steady!
[3] Swerve! Sean, Jake+1

- Sean Sean,+2
- Jake Jake+2

[1] A miracle
[2] Fate Sean+1

[1] Shout for help!
[2] Stay quiet! Jake+1

[1] Go to him
[2] Talk to him
[3] Surrender Jake, Sean+1

[1] Communicate with the man 17 diamonds
[2] Attack him

[1] I'm (player's name)
[2] I'm no one
[3] The question is, who the hell are you?

[1] Jump!
[2] Run!
[3] Duck! Michelle+1

[1] Jump! Raj+1
[2] Run!
[3] Duck!

Act 3, Chapter 13: One Of Us Isn't Supposed To Be Here

[1] The island's inhabitants Zahra-1, Lila+1
[2] The hotel guests Craig-1, Sean+1
[3] Aliens Raj+1, Aleister-1

[1] Have faith. We'll find a way Grace+1, Iris+1, Michelle-2
[2] Doesn't matter. I'm NOT giving up Grace-1, Iris-1, Michelle+2

[1] None of us are supposed to be here Diego-1
[2] All of us are supposed to be here Diego+1

[1] Go with you, Quinn 18 diamonds
[2] Keep moving furniture

[1] We're going to be fine
[2] It's up to us Quinn+1
[3] It's out of our hands

[1] All anybody wants is to be at peace
[2] But challenges are what make you strong Quinn+1

[1] Smile Quinn+1
[2] Kiss her Quinn+2

[1] PIN code
[2] Social security number
[3] Year Quinn+1

[1] 1873
[2] 1908 Quinn+1
[3] 1954

[1] To fill balloons and blind them Aleister+1, Raj-1
[2] On the staircase so they slip Aleister-1, Raj+1

[1] As a missile Michelle+1, Grace-1
[2] To hide underwater Grace+1, Michelle-1

[1] Then why don't you BOTH teach me? 18 diamonds
[2] I'm sure I'll be okay without it...right?

[1] Too many. With me, things come to blows quickly
[2] No way! I avoid it like a plague
[3] I've never needed fists to get what I want Estela, Jake+1

[1] Jake's offensive technique Jake+2
[2] Estela's defensive technique Estela+2

[1] Jake Jake+1
[2] Estela Estela+1

[Cheat code]: 1908

[Initials]: EAR Diego+2

[1] Don't press it Zahra+1, Diego-1
[2] Lower the shutters Zahra-1, Diego+1

[1] I think you owe us an explanation Craig, Zahra-1, Grace+2
[2] You're a backstabbing traitor Craig, Zahra+1, Grace-2

Act 3, Chapter 14: Last Night on Earth

[1] I believe him Aleister+1, Jake-1
[2] I don't believe him Aleister-1, Jake+1

[1] Sad Aleister-2, Raj+2
[2] Pathetic Aleister+2, Quinn-2

[1] Raj and Zahra
 - Awesome  Raj, Zahra+1
[2] Michelle and Craig
 - Look what we've survived so far! Craig-1, Michelle+2
 - We can't know the future...so let's live in the present Craig+1, Michelle-2
[3] Iris and Lila
 - Did you know Aleister was Rourke's son? Lila+2, Iris-2
 - Ever notice how you and Iris kind of look alike? Lila-2, Iris+2

[1] Go tell him how you feel right now 16 diamonds Grace+1
[2] Leave him alone

[1] I really think you should hear her out Aleister+1
[2] Hey! Asshole! Shut up and listen to her Aleister-1

[1] Sean 30 diamonds, Sean+5
 - That must have been so hard on you
 - You did the right thing

[2] Jake 30 diamonds, Jake+5
 - That's terrible...
 - Tell me you got revenge

[3] Quinn 30 diamonds, Quinn+5
 - We'll find a cure, I promise
 - I'll make our time together count

[4] Estela 30 diamonds, Estela+5
 - Are you sure that's true?
 - What are you going to do about it?

Act 3, Chapter 15: It Was Not Meant to End Like This

[1] Scream!
[2] Cry!

[1] I just saw you die
[2] Do you trust me? +1 

[1] Breath!
[2] Hold your breath! +1

(Don't press 'Run' until the 3rd time it shows on the selection)

- Take the sword 18 diamonds Iris, Raj +2

[1] Scout the Watcher's position Iris+2
[2] Get them to chase you and lead them away

[1] Run to the shops! 
(If you choose to use the paint on balloons) Ch. 13  Diego+2
[2] Run to the nightclub!
(If you choose to use the paint on the staircaseCh. 13

[1] Run to the kitchen!
(If you choose to use the tank as a missile) Ch. 13
[2] Run to the pool! Diego-2
(If you choose to use the tank to hide underwater) Ch. 13

[1] We have a choice Aleister-1, Craig, Grace+1
[2] We have no choice Michelle-1, Raj, Lila+1

Act 3, Chapter 16: Here's to Adventure

[1] Storm out first! Raj,Jake+1
[2] Le the others go first!


[1] Dump a bucket of melted ice on him!
[2] Turn on the fire sprinklers! Quinn+1

[1] Fight! Jake-1
[2] Run!

[1] Attack!
[2] Dodge! Diego+2

[1] Raj 20 diamonds Iris, Raj+2
[2] Grace 20 diamonds Grace, Aleister+2 
(You can choose both of this options or leave them behind)

- Portal Gun Lila, Raj, Michelle, Craig, Zahra, Grace, Aleister, Jake+1

[Rourke's password]: ALCCADDSCCUP
(Hint) : They're Latin names of constellations. Lupus is Latin for wolf. MC's rune looks like a chain, etc. Find constellations that look like these things and arrange them by birth date :P

(Book 2 Coming Soon... ^_^)/


  1. In Act 1 Chapter
    When I chose the "Prank Him!" option, I got Craig, Zahra+2, but Raj-1

    In Act 3 Chapter 11, I chose to go with Lila, but I'm not sure if this happened to you; Lila+2, then Lila-3, Sean-1, Jake-1

    1. Sorry for the late reply , I'll be sure to update this walkthrough as much as I can this week and thanks for the tip! :)

    2. It also depends on the relationship between the protagonist and the character
      In Act 1, if you choose Prank him and Raj doesn't like you, he will receive -1, but he will receive +1 instead if he likes you!

      There are also lots of changes depends on relationship, for example, Estela dislikes me so when I goes with Lila and sink without Adventure outfit in Chapter 11, I has her -2


    3. Guys, I found the working tool for choices which gives you unlimited KEYS and DIAMONDS. It really Goddamn usefull haha!

      CLICK HERE for THE only working hack/cheat tool

      CLICK HERE for THE only working hack/cheat tool

      It also has instructions on using for those new to this! Enjoy guys and just wanna say that this game is soooo addictive! :D

  2. Hm. A lot of these were different for me.
    Probably because I was playing with a male character?

    [1] Sad Aleister-2, Raj+2
    [2] Pathetic Aleister+2, Raj-2

    ^ For that one, it was Quinn that reacted and not Raj.

    [1] I really think you should hear her out Aleister+1
    [2] Hey! Asshole! Shut up and listen to her Aleister-1

    ^ For that one, Aleister got a +1 after I called him an asshole.

    [1] Scream!
    [2] Punch! Craig+1, Michelle-3

    ^ For that one, I got a -1 Craig and a +2 Michelle for punching Craig.

    1. Really? It could be but I'm noy sure do... I started playing it with a female character

    2. It also depends on sex and relationship when comes to reaction.
      For example, if you choose male char and you have high relationship with Quinn, she will save you from the plane explosion, not Sean (thanks god!)

    3. This "thanks god" made my day xD Ty for that xD

    4. As a girl character, choosing "Scream" gets you Craig -1, Estela -1, Michelle +2

    5. Thanks for the update! :)

  3. Act 2, chapter 8, I didn't get a us 1 from Jake when I chose to run and not get down. 😔

    1. Oops! Sorry for the mistake, you're right, I've mismatched it on the choices T_T
      If there's anything else you've notice, be sure to notify me and I'll correct it as soon a I can :)

  4. In "Act 3, Chapter 15: It Was Not Meant to End Like This"

    "We have a choice"

    You get 1- Alliester 1+Craig 1+ Grace

  5. FYI, inputting ALCCADDSCCUP in chapter 6 leads you into this super weird trippy sequence that ends with you continuing on as though nothing happened.

    1. The game is actually full of Easter eggs, like choosing the wrong events will have you die only to revive and question what happened. Correctly naming IRIS the first time will have your head explode and give you a warning about cheating

  6. Hi! I just wanted to correct you. I played as a girl in this game (if that matters) and when I pranked Raj on Chapter 3, I LOST a relationship point. Please edit that part when possible...

    1. Sorry 'bout that but can you tell me exactly which characters you lost a relationship point with? or is it the same ones on the option?
      Cause I'm sure that, that option will give you a plus point, possibly you may have clicked the other option by accident and the gender of the MC doesn't really matter either
      I'll keep a heads up If this also happened to some other players but thanks for the info and update me if some of the other option are different as well :)

    2. I only lost a relationship point with Raj for pranking him with the speakers on Chapter 3. Everyone else still gains a point.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. You probably lose a point when not friendly enough with Raj....

    5. Yes, I guess that is exactly it. It depends on your relationship status with him

  7. In act 1 chapter 5 if you choose to have someone else save Quinn and Jake goes does it make Quinn start liking Jake or Jake start liking Quinn?

    1. No, their relationships cant improve/decline only the relationships involving you change. But to be blunt, i have done it both ways;me saving her, jake saving her, makes no difference ;)

  8. Not really, If you chose to save Quinn yourself this will affect your relationship with her and the others cause your the main character :3 pluss ptss ^-^
    Choosing to have someone else to save Quinn doesn't affect her relationship with Jake at all :p

  9. I have another correction... On Chapter 11, going with Lila to search the boat will deduct ONE relationship point with Sean AND Jake (they're going to scold you for being reckless).

    1. Ahh maybe you weren't wearing the adventure outfit, the plus pt was because Sean and Jake were impressed with your quick thinking (there's a knife attached to the outfit that'll help you)
      Thanks for the update do :)

    2. If you have the adventure outfit on when you and Lila go on the boat the character uses the knife to free you both and you get a plus 1 from Jake and Sean but you have to be wearing the adventure outfit.

  10. [1] Don't worry, we're gonna be fine!
    [2] I need you to focus if we're gonna get out of this!

    First option will lead you to Grace -1

    1. Thanks for the update! :)

    2. hmm...? I got Grace -2 in the first option... or i just seeing things? oh well i'm about to play my second play-through... i'm gonna find out about it later

    3. Okay, be sure to let me know on your side sometimes I don't notice the points given on the story... i tend to just press it continuously when loads too long XD sooo... some of this options might have points on them that i didn't know hehehe :3

  11. I'm gonna put { } on my input on certain choices i found out
    ACT 1 - CHAPTER 1

    [1] I dreamt about you! Sean+1
    [2] Outta my way! {Sean -1}
    [3] Ever wanted to hook up on an airplane Sean+1

    - Quinn
    [1] Take her hand. {Quinn +1}
    [2] Tell a joke. {Quinn +2}
    - Sean Sean+2
    [1] Sing to myself {Sean+2}
    [2] Hold someones's hand Sean+1
    [3] Find someone to kiss Sean+2

    [1] She's too quiet {None}
    [2] There are too many of us Diego+1

    -Control tower with Jake
    [1] What got you into this business? {Jake +1}
    [2] What did you do before this? {Jake +1}
    [1] Magical. {Jake +1}
    [2] Lonely. {Jake +1}
    [1] Touch the glass. {None}
    [2] Hold Jake's hand. {Jake +2}
    (Ok.. it's weird I'm holding Jake's hand while my character is male...)
    -Beach with Quinn {Quinn +1}
    [1] Barely able to float! {Quinn +1}
    [2] Pretty much an Olympian. {Quinn +1}
    [1] Ask what happened. {None}
    [2] Splash her! {Quinn +1}
    *{Quinn +1}

    1. Thanks for the update! :D I really appreciate your help! (*^_^*) I ship MC and Jake do... even if MC is a guy hihihi (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    2. Haha your welcome! XD

      Well I'm currently dissecting ACT 1 - CHAPTER 2 but I think it's gonna take me awhile to do so... especially the diamond ones... argh....

    3. Thanks again! :D yeah.. it's a pain when you have reluctantly choose the non diamond option just because yours wasn't ENOUGH (¤﹏¤)...ugh..*sigh* In hindsight at least it's not as pricey as the new incoming stories like the freshman book 4... chapter 1 and you already have to spend 48 Ds for a suitcase...ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ but I'm still excited to read it do hihihi

  12. Act 1 - Chapter 2

    [1] There was an incident {None}
    [2] This is all some kind of prank {None}

    [1] Shut up, Jake {Sean +2 Jake -1}
    [2] Back off, Sean {Sean -1 Jake +2}
    [3] Will you BOTH quit puffing your chests out? Sean, Jake+1

    - Restaurant with Raj
    [1] Okay! {Raj +2}
    [2] Make Craig do it! {Craig +1}
    - Pool with Grace
    [1] Climb in the hammock! {Jake +1 Aleister -1}
    [2] Roll Jake out of the hammock! {Aleister +2}
    - Ballroom with Zahra
    [1] Are Beautiful! {Lila +1}
    [2] Mean nothing without true love. {Quinn +1}
    [3] Are a sham. {Zahra +1}
    = Drink the wine {Zahra +1}
    = Turn it down {Lila +1}

    [1] You need to share it with the group. Now {Grace -4}
    [2] It's okay to keep it, I trust you Grace+4

    [1] Find the adventure in the life you are given Diego+1
    [2] Force the universe to listen {Diego +1}

    I need to amass diamonds for the choices... again...
    Well... for now this will just do for my findings

    1. Hello I'm back from hellish busy work... and I'm not through yet with it... I think I'm gonna cry... STUPID WORK!!! STUPID MANAGER!!!...
      Well anyway here is the rest of the ACT 1 - CHAPTER 2

      - Go to the pool party
      [1] Make a new drink inspired by me! {Jake+2}
      [2] I'm making YOU a drink! {Jake+1}

      - Swim with Sean
      [1] That was terrible. {None}
      [2] You're lucky you're cute. {Sean+1}

      [1] Dodge Left {Sean+2}
      [2] Dodge Right {Sean+2}

      [1] Go left!
      [2] Go forward!
      [3] Go Right!
      [1] Go forward!
      [2] Go back!
      [3] Go left!
      {Lose Sean+1 Michelle-1}
      {Win Sean+2 Michelle-1}
      - Stargaze With Estela
      [1] That's not me. {Estela+1}
      [2] Maybe people just want to be liked in return. {Estela+4}

      BTW I unlocked the Honeymoon Suite... Please don't ask why... but I'm amassing diamonds for the Rain forest Suite because I want to see what is in there haha

      Oh yeah you forgot to put something in ACT 1 - CHAPTER 1

      -Beach with Quinn
      {*Quinn+1} <- There is a plus here
      [1] Barely able to float Quinn+1
      [2] Pretty much an Olympian Quinn+1

      Well anyway that's all for now haha

    2. Thanks again for the help! very much appreciate it! :)

    3. And it sounds like to me you could use break, thanks again for doing this :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Bạn ơi cho mình hỏi cái này mình tán đổ đc sean k ạ (mình chơi con trai) với lại mình đang kẹt ở chapter no escape😂😂

  14. CHAPTER 1

    - I dreamt about you (S+1)
    - Outta my way! (S-1)
    - Ever wanted to hook up? (S+1) [*]

    "What do you nickname Jake?"
    - Top Gun (J+1)[*]
    - Aragorn (J+1)
    - Jared Leto (J+1)
    - Hotness(J+1)

    "Who do you sit next to?"
    - Quinn [*]
    - Sean

    "Who do you choose to sit next to?"
    => [Choosing Quinn]
    - Take her hand (Q+1)
    - Tell a joke (Q+2) [*]
    => [End Quinn path]

    => [Choosing Sean] (S+2)
    - Sing to myself. (S+2)
    - Hold someone's hand. (S+2)
    - Find someone to kiss. (S+2)
    => [End Sean path]

    - Exactly so what are YOU doing here? (M-3)
    - You're super gorgeous. You two must be together (M+3) [*]

    "It's that...."
    - She is too quiet
    - There are so many of us (D+1) [*]

    [Clue found: Tranq Dart 1/10]

    [Premium choice]
    => [Control Tower with Jake]
    " So, Jake ..."
    - What got you into this business? (J+1)
    - What did you do before this? (J+1) [*]

    "That sounds..."
    - Magical
    - Lonely (J+1) [*]

    [Clue found: Weird Light (Clue 2/10)]
    "On instinct, you...."
    - Touch the glass
    - Hold Jake's hand (J+2) [*]
    => [End Jake's path]

    => [Beache with Quinn] (Q+1)
    - Barely able to float! (Q+1)
    - Pretty much an Olympian (Q+1)

    - Ask what happened
    - Splash her! (Q+1)

    [Clue found: Strange Creature (Clue 3/10)] (Q+1)
    => [End Quinn path]

    I prefer go with Quinn because you can easily make friend with Sean easily throughout the game

  15. For chapter 15, when you have to run with Diego, if you choose to agree with Aliester and put the paint in the balloon to blind the alien, run to the shop, but if you agree with Raj and pour paint to the stairs, go to the club, also you run to the kitchen if you have a tank made into a missile from Michelle's idea!

    Also you better has all your relationship ready, Grace will leave you her note if she likes you, Aliester still diskiles me so I can't unlock anything, Lila nearly kills me because she doesn't like ma and Raj sacrifices himself because he likes me, Zahra leaves the group because she dislikes me and Michelle backs me up because she likes me

  16. This is so amazing! Thank you for all your hard work!

    For act 11 scene 6:
    [2]barren gives +1 Alistair and 1+grace
    [2] what did you just hide from us unlocks a clue without any negative relation results.

    The choices you made were still the best ones so far apart from those two (for me)

    Kind regards and I literally read all of your posts ��

    1. Whaaaaat?... Seriously?! That's so embarrassing! (≧◡≦) This blog used to be just a school project at first. That's why my old posts were tagged 'HS' . I ended up making this a walkthrough on games instead which I enjoy very much(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I didn't bother to delete my old posts do...ehehehe
      Thank you for the update! :D and thanks for taking your time to actually read those embarrassing old posts XD and this blog. I really appreciate it ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

  17. Trying to change things only gets you hurt

    For me ut was Al +1 and Craig +1

    1. And somehow no (-) ._.

    2. Thanks for pointing it out! :) I'll be sure to fix it soon

  18. Apologize +1 Raj -1 Estela

    1. Thanks for the update :)

    2. You're welcome! Also saying Aliens in chapter 13 gives +1 Raj, -1 Alistair​

  19. In chapter 3
    [1] a blizzard?
    [2] a volcanic eruption - Lila +1
    [3] Raj's cooking - Craig +1
    Also the quinn cutscene in that chapter

    [1] I love the outdoors
    [2] i'm more of a city gal

    + 1 Quinn

    [1] yup, that's it
    [2] actually... I wanted to spend sometime with you - +2 Quinn

    [1] kiss Quinn +3
    [2] Splash Quinn

    1. Are this last 3 set of options from going with Quinn to the waterfall?

    2. Pat Chi, Yes, that happens when u go to waterfall with Quinn :3

    3. ahh okay! thanks syuzanna :)

  20. Did you play as a girl or boy character? I think the gender might change some of the results.

    1. Oh okay. Im playing as a guy. Trying to romance Jake I think if it's possible.

    2. Actually it is possible you are the MC on the game after all :p

    3. I didn't know if it was or not. Not a lot of games have same-sex romance options. Happy this one does.

    4. Yeah, me too. I'm glad choices's open to same-sex relationships on the game
      It's one the reasons that makes the game great for everyone to enjoy it :)

  21. When i answered Pathetic in chapter 14 the -2 was for Quinn. not Raj.

  22. Playing again and remembered why I thought the gender changed things. My character punches Craig in chapter 5. It's a plus 1 on Michelle and ends up a -1 overall on Craig. Does a girl MC character end up punching Craig or Michelle?

    1. Sorry for the late... The girl MC punches Michelle instead so its a plus on Craig and the opposite for Michelle

    2. Cool. I wonder if their are other changes. I might play through with a girl character after I finish my 2nd playthrough up.

  23. 14 ch
    Jake (30 diamonds) Jake +5
    -That's terrible...
    -Tell me you got revenge

    I just feel bad what there is only Sean's dialogs :D

    1. Also in the last ch , when I chose "Fight" I had -1 Jake (have best result with him)
      And nothing for choosing run

    2. Thanks for the update! :)

  24. Playing as girl.

    When I pranked Raj, Craig and Zahra got +2 but Raj got -1... Maybe that's because of relationships? Raj was (•_•) when I did that

    1. Maybe it is, someone also commented about this last time, I and the other players thought that it had something to do with your relationship pts that vary depending on the condition

  25. If you chose "Leave now" instead of "Stay put" Lean & Michaele get +1 & Diego -1

    1. And if you chose "I guess you're not clever enough to solve this" instead "Let's stay positive. We can do it!" Aleister will get +1

    2. Thanks for the update! :)

  26. Hey, what happens if I choose to stay behind in ch 12. Please update it.

    1. Well, basically you and the group would go back to the resort and wait for them instead while Sean and Jake fight off the sea monster. I'm not really sure what happens next but maybe you'll have to help them at the end anyway.
      I'm replaying some of the games so I might try choosing the non diamond choices in endless summer and update it soon :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You and your friends watch the boat leave from the marina (where Sean and Jake left with the boat). All of the sudden a storm comes and in the distance you can see a sea monster come out of the water and appear in front of the boat. You can either chose to search safety or try to help Jake and Sean. When you try to help them you drive a jet ski to get to the boat (I don't know what happens when you choose to search safety). First thing you have to chose quickly is "SWERVE". You try to draw the monster away so Jake and Sean can go back to the shore. When a huge wave starts to crest to your RIGHT you grab the handles of the jet ski and go LEFT. Then the monster appears against and everything goes the same as when you would have chosen to join them on the boat. I also noticed when won't use the diamond choices you will miss 2 out of the 3 clues in the episode. Hope this helps! 😊

    4. Thanks for the info! :) I appreciate it!

    5. You are most welcome dear! 😊

  27. Replies
    1. You sure? I found the cheat code down in the wine cellar with Quinn and just typed it in the arcade game and it work for me

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Idk if anyone has said this but you can only use the cheat code if you found it while checking out the wine cellar with Quinn. Otherwise your character will just get a headache and comment that they thought they knew the code.

  28. Endless Summer: Book 2 is out! Be sure to complete Book 1 as your choices will make all the difference in Book 2!

    1. REALLY!!! Thanks for the great news! I'll be sure to play it soon! :)

  29. endless summer book 2 just released!! The choices are way HARDER now though. And i'd need your help on it hehe

    1. Haha I know right! pixellberry did an epic job on this one! From the amazing scenes to the clever puzzles they added. I did not expect it at ALL. This has to be their greatest sequel made on a book on choice... for me :p XD

  30. In act 13 when you asnwer "the hotel guests" in first question you get -1 Craig and +1 sean

  31. Can sean fall in love with me(i play the boy character)? And i try to flirt him

    1. Yes! you can make all the available characters fall in love with regardless of the MC's gender :)

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. When you answer "It's up to us" in chapter 13 it gives you +1 Quinn. 😊

  34. Ugghhh I can't choose between Sean and Jake. I love them both so much <3 Any advice?? I feel like I'm leading the both on, and they're not even real people haha

    1. Hmmm... that is hard but for me I think I'm gonna go for Jake. I kinda have a soft side for his cactus personality :p he can be prickly and tough on the outside but sensitive and caring on the inside :3 yieeeeee just like Drake on RR hahaha <3<3<3

    2. I think it said you can date multiple people for now. So maybe you don't have to choose just yet ;)

  35. In Act II Chapter 6, in the last set of options:

    [1] Yell at Sean's group!
    [2] Yell at Jake's group! Michelle, Craig-1,

    The best option is to let the timer run out. You don' t get any minus points (if you choose to yell at Sean's group you get a couple of -1s and no pluses) and the conflict doesn't get any worse, in fact everything is the same as if you yell at either group.

  36. Do you get any relationship points if you take Estela to your room in endless summer book 1?

    1. Yeah actually you get 5+pts on all 4 of them after the room scene

  37. Omg you are awesome thank u !

  38. In ch13, if you kiss Quinn in the wine cellar you get Quinn+2

  39. Chapter 13:
    [1] Have faith. We'll find a way Grace+1, Iris+1, Michelle-2
    [2] Doesn't matter. I'm NOT giving up
    Here, If you choose the second option, you'll have Grace-1, Iris-1, Michelle+2

  40. One more thing for chapter 3:

    [1] I want to know what's going on Diego+1
    [2] I want to see the island
    [3] None of your business

    (don't know about the other options)

  41. For the third choice in Chapter 4, you need to update this one:
    [1] It DOES matter what we're up against, Jake : Aleister +1, Jake -1

    1. And the next one (4th choice in Chapter 4) should be:
      [1] Right Jake+1, Lila-1
      [2] Scared Lila +1, Jake -1

    2. Thanks for the update! :)

  42. On chapter 14

    with the option "Hey! Asshole! Shut up and listen to her" I got +1 with Aleister I think it depen on if you`re male or female

    on chapter 16

    If you trained with Estela and Jake on chapter 13 then you can choose fight, the correct option will depends on who you trained with

    Jake: Attack
    Estela: Dodge

  43. In chapter 3 if you Step away from the flowers you get Jake+1 :)

    1. In chapter 4:
      Scared = Lila +1, Jake -1
      Bash the chain = Aleister -2

    2. In chapter 5:

      If you pick the diamond choice with Jake
      [1] I'll take a little. (Jake+1)
      [2] No way! (nothing)
      And then you get Jake+2 and Jake+1
      [1] I could get used to this view. (Jake+1)
      [2] Get off me, dude! (nothing)
      Then you get Jake+1

      Before "- You 17 diamonds" there is another choice
      [1] Swim with both hands!
      [2] Keep holding on tight! (right choice)
      [3] Bump into the wall!

      [1] Scream! (Craig-1, Michelle+2, Estela-1)
      [2] Punch! (Craig+1, Michelle-3)

      [1] I want to help (Estela+1)
      [2] I'm gonna find out what it it (Estela-1)

      If you venture into the smoke It's either Estela+1 or Jake+1

    3. In chapter 6:

      [1] Don't go (Estela-1)
      [2] ...Be careful (Estella+1)

      [1] Focus (Sean+1)
      [2] Forget (Jake+1)

      Jake+1 if you ventured into the smoke in chapter 5

      [1] Right. The present matters more. (Craig, Jake+1)
      [2] Wrong. The future matters more. (Sean+1, Craig-1)

      [1] Leave now (Sean, Michelle+1, Diego-1)
      [2] Stay put (Sean-1, Jake, Craig+1)

      - Have fun with Jake (Sean-1, Jake+2, Quinn+2, Craig+1)

      Team up with:

      [1] Miss
      [2] Hit (Jake+2)
      [3] Miss

      [1] I've done it plenty of times.
      [2] No, but there's a first time for everything.

      -Go jet-skiing with Jake (im not sure how much diamonds it was :/ )

      [1] You. (Jake+1)
      [2] The view of the island!

      [1] Me too.
      [2] I understand.

      [1] Ride with Jake.
      [2] Take your own jet ski.

    4. In Chapter 7:

      [1] Defend Jake (Jake+1, Sean-1)
      [2] Defend Sean (Sean+1, Jake-1)
      [3] Stay out of it (Diego+1)

      [1] Are you guys trying to get drunk? Craig+1
      [2] Isn't there a more important task you should be doing?

      [1] Count me in! Craig+1
      [2] I'll pass. Gotta stay focused Zahra-1

    5. In Chapter 8:

      [2] This is to important to rely on one person (Sean+1)

      [2] Extremely dangerous (Lila-1, Sean+1)

      [2] Searching for it with who? Aleister? (Grace-2, Craig+1, Zahra+1, Sean-1)

      In Chapter 9:

      -Jake (Jake+1) (maybe you get +1 for the person you pick? dunno.)

      [2] Craig can do this! (Sean+1)

    6. In Chapter 11:

      [1] Trying to change things only gets you hurt (Craig+1, Aleister+1, Sean-1)

      [1] Jake (Jake+3)
      [2] Sean (Sean+3)
      [3] Both (Sean+1, Jake+1)
      [4] Do it yourself (Jake+1, Sean+1)

    7. In Chapter 12:

      [2] Run (Jake+1)

      - Sean (Sean+2)
      - Jake (Jake+2)

      [1] A miracle
      [2] Fate (Sean+1)

    8. Wow! Thanks for all this I appreciate it! :)

  44. Act 2, chapter:

    It should be "Craig can do this" instead of "you can do this". Otherwise you die lol

  45. How do you find all the clues in each chapter?

    1. In Book 1 getting all the clues is only possible if you chose the premier options

  46. Is getting the sword important?

    1. It is if you want to receive extra pts on Book 2 for the new character appearing there

  47. In Act 3, Chapter 13 when you find the game room and Rourke's game, when I entered the cheat code it caused the screen to flash red and said that my character got a sharp pain in her head, then Craig and Zahra said something and it looped me back to the option to either Start Game or Enter Cheat Code. The only way I was able to match Rourke's perfect score was to actually follow the prompts on the game and match them.

  48. Is it possible to get enough clues in act 1 to unlock the bonus scene without diamonds? I can only find 4... :(

    1. No, to get the full scene you need to spend a lot of diamonds

  49. If you choose to use the oxygen tank to hide underwater but press the button to activate the lockdown, you won't be able to get to the pool in chapter 15, which makes you lose 2 points with Diego instead of gaining 2.

  50. If Estela likes you by the end of Act 1, Chapter 5, she is the one who rescues you if you venture into the smoke. So that becomes an Estela +1 instead of a Jake +1. This is possible if you get every Estela + and don't suffer more than one Estela -1.

  51. In Act 3, Chapter 14, talking with Craig and Michelle and picking "We can’t know the future… so let’s live in the present." got me Craig +2 and Michelle -1 instead of Craig +1 and Michelle -2.

    Which was good, considering how much the margin of attitude into Michelle liking me had shrunk.

  52. In act 2 chapter 10 what do we ask Furball to freeze in the Observatory?

  53. On chapter 9 the option to Stay as Raj is 19 diamonds worth

  54. In chapter 5 of book 1, when you go to save Quinn you forgot two options: "Use my teeth!"( +1 Quinn) and "Find a sharp rock!"

  55. Chapter 7 choice "are you guys trying to get drunk gives Craig +1, not zahra +1

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. I am not able to finish chapter 10 act 2 what should i do?

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. In chapter 13, if you try to enter '1908' as a cheat code on the video game it gives this weird hazy red flash and doesn't let you. I guess they got rid of cheat codes?

  60. I know this is a little old but I remember in Chapter 6, I asked Lila what she hid from us and I found a clue, I think? Which was Rourke's cuff link which became useful at some point? This is only my second replay of the book, soooo. Eheh.

  61. Does anything happen if I choose to say Hi to Raj in Chapter 3 instead of pranking him? It'd be nice to not be on bad terms with Zahra and Craig, but I don't want to make Raj my enemy, either.

    1. I forgot what point you'll get on the 1st option in chap 4, sorry... but the 2nd option 'prank him' you have a 50-50 chance on getting a +point on Raj. Others get a plus others don't. Maybe it depends if you have a good start with him on the 1st 3 chapters.

  62. Hai. Okay. So doing a replay and in the final chapter where you have *Michelle +1 that can actually be a Michelle -1 depending on your relationship. If she's in the yellow smile face or higher she gets pissed because she tries to tackle you out of the way, gets caught with you, and that's somehow your fault. Lol. So yeah relationships actually change how certain things add up. It's not just Raj and the pranking.

    1. Also if you didn't train with Jake and Estela choosing to fight is also a -1 Estela.

  63. So, if you buy ONE dossier, do you get to buy the others from Iris for less at the end..?

  64. On Act 1 Chapter 5 you have the last two switched because jake states "compression, airway, breathing" only noticing because I was like "I dont wanna mess up here" and looked back here to see what order before I saw Jake say that. (Ive finished all 3 I just wanted to do the whole thing over a little different) 😂

  65. Hello.
    If you choose to train with Jake and Estella in Act 3, chapter 13, and choose to fight and not run in chapter 16, you get Diego+2

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