[Walkthrough] Choices: Endless Summer Book 2

Act 4, Chapter 1: The Unknown Has Always Been a Comfort to Me

[1] Step aside Estela+2, Aleister-1
[2] Stay put Estela-1, Aleister+1

- Michelle, Quinn and Iris
 [1] Listen to her, Quinn* (Had a 100% chance) Quinn+3
 [2] Let her do what she wants, Michelle
- Lila, Sean, and Jake
- Raj, Zahra and Craig Raj+1
 [1] Join in and make a bad joke! Craig+1, Raj+1, Zahra+1
 [2] Tell them to focus
- Grace and Aleister Grace+2

New Outfits: (Wear to get +points depending where you are and with who :3 )
- Casual 15 diamonds
- Tropical 25 diamonds
- Stylish 20 diamonds
- Unique 15 diamonds

- Sean at the rooftop
- Estela at the security office
- Quinn at the beach

- Jake at the bar
[1] You need to get your act together if we want to save him
[2] I'm here for you, no matter what Jake+1

[1] Kiss him [Start dating Jake]
[2] Turn away

[1] Recently built
[2] Hidden Jake+1

[1] La Huerta
[2] Hell
[3] Pompeii Aleister+2, Grace+1
[4] Mount Doom

* Raj+1, Grace+1, Grace+1

[1] Cudaceas
[2] Cedecues
[3] Caduceus Iris+2, Jake +1

[1] The sea!
[2] The atrium! Michelle+2, Sean+1
[3] The pool 
[4] The toilet!

[1] Sunrise!
[2] Noon! Lila+2
[3] Sunset!
[4] Midnight!

[1] Grab the glove 12 diamonds
[2] Leave it alone

Act 4, Chapter 2: Time Is of the Essence

[1] Put him down Craig (Had a 73% chance) Craig+3
[2] If I were you, Rourke, I'd listen to my friend here

[1] Jake's right Jake+1, Sean-1
[2] Sean's right Jake-1, Sean+1

[1] I'm gonna miss this place Quinn+1
[2] I can't wait to get outta here

 Fire festival
[1] Buy this item! 25 diamonds, Quinn+1
[2] No thanks

*Grace+2, Raj+2, Craig+1<--(Outfit bonus)

(Got Time Looped here several times, so it's better to Go All Over the options to get enough Clues and Info to keep going :3 

- Aleister
- Michelle
[1] Can I help you look (Had a 74% chance)
[2] Good luck finding it...
- Zahra
[1] Grab her!
[2] Let her fall!

- Talk to Rourke
[1] Where is everyone?
[2] What was that tube we found you in?*
[3] What was that radio call we heard?

(2nd time)
[1] Where is everyone?*
[2] What was that radio call we heard?
[3] Why did you bring us here?

(3rd time)
[1] What was that radio call we heard?*
[2] Why did you bring us here?
[3] What's with all the secret doors in the celestial?

(4th time and so on...)
[1] Why did you bring us here?
[2] What's with all the secret doors in the celestial?
[3] Tell me about the sea monster?*

[1] Why did you bring us here?
[2] What's with all the secret doors in the celestial?
[3] What was the time portal gun?*

[1] Why did you bring us here?
[2] What's with all the secret doors in the celestial?
[3] What happened to the boast at the marine?

[1]What's with all the secret doors in the celestial?*
[2] What happened to the boast at the marine?
[3] What is this island?

[1] What happened to the boast at the marine?
[2] What is this island?*

[1] What happened to the boast at the marine?*
- Keep walking

(Time Loop optional)
[1] Go to the lake
[2] Stay here

- Go with Estela 20 diamonds
[1] Swim in the lake*
[2] Relax and drink the chilled water
[3] Have a snowball fight!

[1] Warm each other up Estela+2
[2] Go completely under water!
- Go with Jake 20 diamonds
[1] Swim in the lake*
[2] Relax and drink the chilled water
[3] Have a snowball fight!

[1] Kiss him Jake+2
[2] Splash him!
- Stay with the group

- Craig
[1] Let's all take a quick break
[2] Keep up the pace
- Sean 

[1] Grab me that idol! 12 diamonds
[2] Leave it

*Raj+2, Grace+2

Act 4, Chapter 3: Those Left Behind

[1] I'll go alone. Can't risk anyone else getting caught Zahra, Craig-1, Estela, Jake+1
[2] We can save him if we all work together Aleister, Michelle-1, Craig, Sean, Raj, Grace+1

(If Rourke is with you)
[1] Ask Rourke to weigh in (Had a 100% chance) Michelle, Aleister +1

[1] Persuade Craig to sneak by (Had a 43% chance) Craig+2, Zahra+1
[2] Persuade Zahra to ambush (Had a 41% chance) Zahra+2, Craig+1
[3] Stay out of it

- My hiding spot!
- Diego! Michelle, Quinn+1
- Fried chicken! Quinn, Jake-1

- Grab her by the hand! Michelle-1
- Run to catch her! Quinn+1
- Push Craig in her way!

[1] Are you okay? What happened?
[2] We need to get you to safety
[3] I'm not about to leave you behind! Quinn+1

[1] A monkey call
[2] A whistled melody
[3] A pterodactyl shriek

(Choose to do Rourke's plan) Iris, Lila+1
[1] Agree with Craig about Rourke
[2] Tell Craig to shut up
[3] Distract Craig with a tough question Zahra+1

(Choose to do Zahra's plan) Zahra+1
[1] Playfully push him away
[2] Allow him to get closer Jake+1

[1] Stop and search the forest Sean-1, Estela+1
[2] Keep going to void losing Diego

[1] Buy this item! 25 diamonds
[2] No thanks

[1] Examine the carvings on the pyramid
[2] Take a closer look the ring Jake+2
[3] Inspect the statue itself

[1] Tap three times at the statue's hand
[2] Cover the statue's face Jake+2
[3] Kiss the statue's lips

(If you wore the Camouflage) Zahra, Estela+1
[1] Go spy on them Zahra, Estela-1
[2] Stay here

[1] Sean distracts them. Jake stays with me Sean+1 
[2] Jake distracts them. Sean stays with me


[1] What were they making you do?
[2] Are you and that watcher... a thing now?

[1] Whatever happens, we're in this together
[2] I need you. You're the only best friend I have Diego+1

[1] Iris, You've got to fight back! Iris+1
[2] You... TRAITOR!

- Grab the idol first! 12 diamonds
- Keep your distance

Act 4, Chapter 4: Island Justice

[1] Correct! Now kneel and offer us tribute! Jake+1
[2] I think there's been a mistake... Lila+1
[3] Twelve catalysts? Is that a metal band? Craig+1, Zahra-1

[1] Help save the world Lila+1
[2] Find a way home Aleister+1
[3] Rescue our friend  Diego+2

- Telepathically ask Varyyn for help 19 diamonds
- Return to the matter at hand

[1] We seek harmony among all
[2] We are agents of change*

- Have Aleister accuse the Vaanti*
- Ask Lila to defend your actions
- Plead ignorance of local customs

- Challenge Seraxa
- Appeal to Ximaedra
- Offer to help Uqzhaal*

[1] Wave back*
[2] Stick out your tongue

[1] Oh, I've seen some stuff... Try me
[2] Does it have to do with 'The Endless'?

[1] You're braver than all of us
[2] We'll find a way to cure you Quinn+1
[3] You're not going through this alone Quinn+1

[1] This is what Rourke want! (Had a 51% chance) Aleister+3
[2] We'll leave you alone

- Explore the singing cliff with Quinn 20 diamonds
[1] Do you feel more inspired to paint?
[2] It's all more beautiful with you in the picture Quinn+1

[1] This beautiful seaside view!
[2] Me! Quinn+1

[1] I've never seen myself look quite like that...
[2] Doe this express how you feel about me? Quinn+1

[1] Hold her in your arms
[2] Lean in to kiss her Quinn+1
[3] Make a joke

- Explore the singing cliff with Sean 20 diamonds
[1] Have you had a lot on your mind?
[2] I wouldn't have thought you were a night owl 

[1] Give Sean a massage Sean+2
[2] Have him massage you

[1] I take it that it didn't end well?
[2] Better to focus on the present than dwell on the past


[1] Place your hand in his
[2] Lean in to kiss him
[3] High-five him

Do you want to start dating Sean?
[1] Yes Sean+2
[2] Not now Sean+1

- Stay and get some rest

- Help Raj grab the idol 12 diamonds Raj+2
- Tell Raj to get down

Act 4, Chapter 5: There Are Many Things I Keep Hidden

[1] You can't take on all of us!
[2] We'll do what you want!
[3] Your captain is dead!

[1] Sounds like a deal Grace, Sean+1, Craig-1
[2] Okay, but I want that ball, and a share of the loot Craig, Raj+1, Sean-1
[3] Only if you help us get our idols back from the Vaanti Michelle+1, Jake-1

- Give her the cutlass Lila+2

[1] Chuckle appreciatively
[2] Scowl at Yvonne

- Jump!
- Roll!
- Duck!

- Break the coffer open 12 diamonds
- Leave it

-  Stay put and hold your breath!
- Wave smoke away with the curtain!
- Try to shove furniture over the vents!

- Add your strength to Estela's!
- Climb up after Craig!
- Help Grace with the cannon!
*Grace, Sean+1

[1] Dance with Aleister 18 diamonds, Grace, Aleister+2
[2] Make him rest

- Estela
[1] Explore with Estela 25 diamonds
[2] Let Yvonne and Jake go instead

[1] Splash her
[2] Kiss her

Do you want to start dating Estela?
[1] Yes
[2] Not now

[1] Take her in your arms Estela+2
[2] Make her chase after you

- Jake
[1] Explore with Jake 25 diamonds
[2] Let Yvonne and Jake go instead

[1] Hold on to Jake's hand! Jake+1
[2] Race ahead!

[1] Splash her
[2] Kiss her Jake+1

[1] Fall into his arms Jake+2
[2] Make him chase after you

[1] Pick up a jeweled tiara! Michelle+1
[2] Swoop in on giant gold chain!
[3] Keep your eye on Yvonne 

Act 4, Chapter 6: You Can't Save Everyone

[1] Not all of them hated us Diego, Grace, Aleister+1
[2] This could be our fault  Raj, Craig+1
[3] We still need those idols back Zahra, Michelle, Lila+1

[1] This isn't you (Had a 64% chance) Estela+3
[2] So this is goodbye then

[1] Stand down, Lila (Had a 73% chance) Lila+3
[2] Stand down, Seraxa

[1] Kill this thing once and for all Craig+1, Quinn-1
[2] Find out why he's here Aleister-1, Grace+1

Follow this order:
- Use the torch! <---3rd
- Crank the wheel! <---1st
- Pull the lever! <---4th
- Load the shot! <---2nd
* Grace, Aleister+2

[1] Get Taari out of the way! 17 diamonds
[2] Let Seraxa try!

Follow the sign appearing on the right side of the screen
(The pattern isn't always the same with the others)
- Left!
- Right!
- Up!
- Down!

(Followed it correctly) Jake+2

[1] Give them to Cetus Jake-1. Sean+1
[2] Get them out of the city Jake+1, Sean-1

[1] Ximaedra, come back! Lila+1
[2] Varryn, don't go Estela+1

[1] Diego needs you Lila+1
[2] Do you want her death to be in vain? Estela+1

[Answer]: Anchor Estela+1, Lila+1

- Drop!
- Catch! Diego+1
- Slip!

- Tell Seraxa to get the idol 12 diamonds
- Tell her to stay back

The Full Vaanti
[1] Buy this item! 25 diamonds, Michelle, Raj+2
[2] No thanks

[1] Seafood
[2] Salad
[3] Drink

(Wear the full vaanti) Quinn+2

*Get most of the clues to unlock an extra scene!

Act 5, Chapter 7: Everything at Once

[1] Please, I can't lose her Grace+1
[2] You owe us! Craig+1

[1] Take a big gulp! Raj+2, Jake, Michelle-1
[2] Take a small sip Raj-1,Lila+1

[1] Trippy Raj, Craig+1, Sean-1
[2] Beautiful Estela, Zahra+1, Michelle-1

[1] Run through Diego! Diego+1
[2] Hug Michelle! Michelle+1
[3] Prank Raj! Raj+1

[1] Keep moving forward  Raj, Michelle+1
[2] Search for another way Michelle-1

[1] Yell at them to stop!
[2] Close your eyes!

[1] Good. They need balance Grace, Diego+1, Estela-1
[2] Pointless. They'll just fight again Craig, Estela+1, Grace-1

- Accelerate time!
- Freeze time!
- Reverse time! Zahra, Estela+1

- Accelerate time! Raj, Zahra-1
- Freeze time! Zahra, Estela+1
- Reverse time! 

- Accelerate time! Aleister, Jake+1
- Freeze time!
- Reverse time!

- Go for the idol 12 diamonds
- Let it go

[1] Stop!
[2] Keep rewinding!
(Keep rewinding until Diego appears)
Grace, Michelle+1
(Keep rewinding until the End to get the Clue)

[Answer]: Throne Room Lila, Aleister+1

[1] She needs you right now 18 diamonds, Craig, Zahra+4
[2] Never mind

Act 5, Chapter 8: Let's Promise We'll Do This Again

[1] Run for help!
[2] Reach out to her!
[3] Grab a weapon!

[1] Let her rest (Had a 100% chance) Quinn+3
[2] Tell her now

[1] Safe?
[2] Dangerous?

Ready sweat go:
[1] Choose this look! 25 diamonds, Sean+2
[2] No thanks 

(Ready sweat go outfit) Quinn+2

[1] You should be happy Quinn-1
[2] It's okay to be sad Quinn+1

- Sparring on the water!
[1] Cheer for Varyyn and Diego Diego +1, Michelle -1
[2] Cheer for Craig and Michelle Craig, Michelle+1, Diego- 1

- Eating contest!
[1] Pretend they're delicious! Raj -1
[2] Make a big show out of it Raj+1

- Scavenger hunt!
[Answer]: Turtle Grace, Aleister, Zahra+1

- Grab the idol 12 diamonds
- Leave it be

[1] Play with Jake and Sean! diamonds,  Sean, Jake+1
[2] Back out

- Balance!

- Collapse!
- Balance!

- Collapse!
- Fall over!
- Balance!

- Slip!
- Lose Balance!
- Fall over!
- Balance!
- Collapse!

*Sean, Jake+1

[1] Talk trash!
[2] Congratulate them  Sean+1, Jake-1

[1] Block for me, Jake!
[2] Throw it deep, Sean! Sean+1

- Sean Sean+1
[1] Hold on to the mast!
[2] Hold on to Sean! Sean+1

- Jake

- Balance!

- Collapse!
- Balance!

- Fall over!
- Balance!

- Slip!
- Lose Balance!
- Fall over!
- Balance!
- Collapse!

*Sean+1, Sean+1

- Owl mask

[1] Find a way to bring you home Grace, Diego+2, Jake-1
[2] Visit you in Costa Rica! Raj +1, Craig +1, Jake +1

[1] Shut her down!
[2] Hear her out!

Act 5, Chapter 9: Toward a New Horizon

[1] But aren't you on Rourke's side now? Zahra +1, Aleister-1
[2] You'll come through the portal too, right? Iris, Aleister+1, Zahra -1

[1] Poke the shard*
[2] Watch it cautiously

[1] Let them have their moment 18 diamonds, Diego+2
[2] Interrupt

[1] Were you hoping to stay? Lila+2
[2] Are you worried about your job? Lila+2
[3] Do you think it's a trap? Lila+2

Chill out
[1] Choose this look! 25 diamonds Quinn, Grace+1
[2] No thanks

[1] I'm not leaving you (Had a 75% chance)  Jake +3
[2] You're right. We've gotta split up Aleister+1

- Grab him! Diego+1
- Brace him!
- Move back!

- Throw your blanket!
- Climb out of the way!
- Douse her! Raj, Zahra+1

- Toss the cans outside!*
- Find a sealed area!
- Check the cockpit controls! Grace, Jake+1

- Pull the latch on the cabinet 12 diamonds
- Leave it

(If you didn't wear the outfit)
- Walk!
- Step!
- Slip!
- Stop!
- Run!

- Walk!
- Stop!
- Step!
- Run!
- Slip!

- Run!
- Walk!
- Slip!
- Step! 
- Stop!

(Wearing Chill out outfit) Diego, Raj, Aleister, Lila+1

Act 5, Chapter 10: Every End Is a Beginning... Except the Last One

[1] Got any coffee for me? (Had a 65% chance) Zahra+3
[2] That sure smells good

[1] Where are we? Zahra-1
[2] Did you get some rest? Zahra+1

[1] How did they find you? Zahra+1
[2] Why are they still after us?

[1] Think back on everything that’s happened  Zahra+1, Jake-1
[2] Enjoy the peace Zahra-1, Jake+1
[3] Prepare for the journey Zahra+1, Jake+1

- Michelle Michelle+1
- Diego Diego+1

[1] Proof Estela-1
[2] Something to remember her by Estela+1

[1] Let's get you connected 18 diamonds, ClueCraig+2, Zahra+2
[1] Jump Bros 2
[2] Aeternum Chronicles: Legend of the 7 Crystals Craig+2, Zahra+2

[2] Sorry, guys

[1] Call Sean+1
[2] Fold Jake+1

[1] Michelle Michelle+1
[2] Me! Michelle-1

The A-List
[1] Buy this item! 25 diamonds, Quinn+1, Aleister+1, Michelle+1
[2] No thanks.

- Fruity Cocktail Michelle+1, Jake+1
- Aged Whiskey Jake+1, Estela-1, Estela+2
- Ice-Cold Beer Estela+1, Jake+1, Michelle-1

[1] Celebrating how much you've changed Lila+1
[2] An excuse to party Raj+1
[3] All about kissing Grace+1

[1] Appreciate how lucky I've been  Quinn+1
[2] Hold onto what matters Craig+1
[3] Stop looking back Sean+1

- Aleister Aleister+1
- Sean

- Jake
- Craig Craig+1

- Quinn Quinn+1
- Lila

- Michelle Michelle+1
- Iris

- Estela Estela+1
- Grace

- Varyyn
- Raj Raj+1

- Diego
- Zahra Zahra+1

- and Me! 
- and Furball!

[1] Estela 20 diamonds, Clue
[2] Jake 20 diamonds, Clue

[3] Quinn 20 diamonds, Clue, Quinn+1
[1] Then let's never wake up Quinn+1
[2] This is real, Quinn. All of it

[1] Keep going! Quinn+2
[2] Give in!

[4] Sean 20 diamonds, Clue
[5] No one

[1] You don't have to do this Estela-1
[2] Let's do this Estela+2

Act 6, Chapter 11: Trust Is a Fragile Thing

[1] Get between them Estela-1
[2] Call for a truce Lila+1
[3] Stay out of it Estela+1, Sean, Quinn-1

[1] What if Rourke orders you to kill us?
[2] What could possibly be worth all of this? Craig+1, Clue

- Talk to it! Grace, Aleister+1
- Roar at it!
- Break a window!

[1] I'm sorry about your mother...( Had a 100% chance) Estela+3
[2] I'll give you some space

[1] Climb up to rescue Furball Sean, Quinn+1, Aleister -1
[2] Call Furball down to you Aleister +1, Craig, Zahra-1

- Let Quinn tame the Yeti 18 diamonds, Quinn, Craig, Diego, Zahra+1, Clue
- Pull Quinn away

- Melt the idol out 12 diamonds
- Leave it

[1] Rourke kills his hired help Estela+1
[2] Lundgren will backstab you Jake+1

[1] We can get the pieces back
[2] That man broke you
[3] I know you're in there

- Rescue Sean  Sean+2
- Go after Zahra Zahra+2
- Get Aleister down Aleister +2

- The part Raj threw?
- Entering the time portal?
- That bridge in Elyys'tel?

Act 6, Chapter 12: Last Chance to Turn Back

[1] It's not a trap Aleister+1Jake-1
[2] We'll be ready for whatever they spring on us Aleister-1Jake+1

[1] Hide in plain sight  Aleister, Jake+1
[2] Plot a distraction
[3] Launch an attack

[1] Quinn's still our friend
[2] We need to keep close watch on her
[3] She saved our lives! Raj+1

[1] Admit the truth Grace-1, Raj+1, Aleister-1, Quinn+1
[2] Deny it

[1] Yes Grace-1
[2] No Grace+1

[1] Tell him the truth (Had a 77% chance) Michelle+3
[2] He'll forgive you eventually

[1] >> activate_forward_lamps
[2] >> anon_transmission
[3] >> location_data-

- Stay down!
- Hit the accelerator! 
- Slam the door into them! Michelle+1

[1] You don't have to come
[2] We need you Zahra+1

[1] You still have tonight 18 diamonds  Diego+2

Diego+1. Diego+1, Diego+1

[2] You'll find someone else one day

[1] Who said he can't come with us? Raj-1, Quinn+1
[2] I'll always remember him Quinn-1, Raj+1

[1] I once dressed up as a movie monster to scare Diego  Jake+1
[2] I TP'd the mayor's mansion
[3] I've never really pranked anyone

[1] I got to meet you all Sean, Diego, Craig+1
[2] I had one last adventure
[3] We survived

Who do you spend your last night with?
[1] Estela 30 diamonds 
[2] Jake 30 diamonds  Jake+1
[1] Keep going
[2] Slow down
[1] Can't run forever
[2] Can't let Lundgren win

[1] Say it back  Jake+1
[2] Just kiss him

[3] Sean 30 diamonds
[4] Quinn 30 diamonds

I look...
[1] Badass!
[2] Ridiculous Michelle+1

[1] Water
[2] Explosives
[3] The blizzard

[1] 7-1-3-2
[2] 3-1-7-2
[3] 1-2-3-7

[1] Fall off the waterfall
[2] Were killed by Tetra
[3] Drowned

[1] We set a trap
[2] We caught them searching for medical supplies
[3] They turned themselves in

Act 6, Chapter 13: All We Have Is Now

[1] Black Widow
[2] 3-1-7-2  Sean, Craig+1
[3] I don't have one

[1] Point your gun at them Michelle, Raj-1, Diego, Quinn+1
[2] Tell them to shut up

[1] What was she working on? Iris+1
[2] Did you know her? Iris-1

[1] Someone on the street
[2] A nearby parked car*
[3] The big clock

[1] A reflective skyscraper Clue
[2] Helicopters flying overhead
[3] The crowd around you

- Get the laser cannon 18 diamonds, Craig, Zahra, Sean+2
- Keep going

[1] Hydrodynamic stasis Sean+1
[2] Hydrodynamic containment
[3] Theoretical prismatics

- Salute him! Zahra+1
- Look busy!
- Do nothing!

[1] Mouse!
[2] Fiddler!
[3] The camera!*


- Take the idol 12 diamonds
- Leave it

[1] I'll go first Sean, Raj+1
[2] Let's do it together Craig, Grace+1

- Jake  Jake+1
- Quinn
- Sean
- Diego
- Estela Estela+1

Act 6, Chapter 14: You Can't Promise Anything Anymore

[1] Look for survivors Grace+1, Jake-1, Sean+1
[2] Figure out what happened Zahra+1, Sean-1, Michelle+1

[1] I should be more careful Quinn+1, Raj-1
[2] Some risks are necessary Craig+1, Michelle-1

Andromeda armor Grace, Diego, Quinn, Aleister+1
[1] Buy this item! 25 diamonds
[2] No thanks

(Andromeda armor will reveal how your friends will react to your decisions)

[1] Tell them to stay focused Estela+1, Zahra-1
[2] Reminisce with them Diego+1, Estela-1

[1] We'll fix this (Had a 55% chance) Sean+3
[2] I'm so sorry

[1] Hug him (Had a 69% chance) Raj+3
[2] Tell him to calm down

[1] Roundhouse kick!
[2] Choke-slam!

[1] We can't quit trying Sean+1, Aleister-1
[2] We're in way over our heads Aleister+1, Sean-1

[1] Same goes for all of us (Had a 75% chance) Quinn+3
[2] I wish I could stop it

- Take the idol 12 diamonds
- Leave it

[1] Tune him out  Quinn+1,Aleister-1
[2] Remember he's messing with you  Aleister+1, Estela-1

[1] You just made a big mistake Estela+1, Aleister-1
[2] I forgive you Aleister+1, Craig, Quinn, Sean-1

[1] Surrender Aleister+2, Michelle+1, Estela, Raj-1
[2] Spit in his face Craig, Zahra+1, Aleister-2

Act 6, Chapter 15: Self-Destruct

[1] Attack! They can't take us all! Estela, Jake+1, Diego-1
[2] Lila, please we're your friends Raj, Sean+1,  Zahra-1

[1] Get down! Estela+1, Diego-1
[2] Tackle Diego out of the way! Diego, Craig, Quinn+1

[1] Don't let this be all you are (Had a 78% chance)
[2] Just get it over with

[1] Let's say goodbye 18 diamonds, Diego, Raj, Sean, Estela, Michelle, Quinn, Craig, Jake, Zahra+2
[2] No point to it now

[1] Wait for us!  Zahra+1, Sean-1
[2] Just go! Michelle+1, Diego-1

[1] Shout! Jake, Michelle-1
[2] Act it out! Diego, Zahra+1

- Chest!
- Thigh!
- Jetpack fuel! Estela, Craig, Zahra+1

[1] It's not too late (Had a 86% chance)  Jake+3
[2] You can't save him

[1] Blow this place sky-high 18 diamonds, Craig+2, Quinn+1, Estela, Zahra+2
[2] Just find a way outta here

[1] Fire the missiles, Jake! Jake-1
[2] Use the chain gun, Craig! Craig+2

- Throw him! Quinn, Sean-1
- Shock him! Sean, Zahra+1
- Push him! Estela, Zahra-1

- Grab the landing skid!
- Miss the landing skid!
- Slip the landing skid!

[1] Look at the wall
[2] Look at the ceiling
[3] Look at the idols
[4] Try an answer
[5] Give up

[ANSWER]: Save Them From Themselves

----- Book 3 Coming Soon :) -----


  1. This was such a great chapter to continue the series with! I'm hyped from the mere return of Endless Summer! Think we'll get the cutlass back in the following chapters?

    1. Maybe, I'm exited for their return too! We'll see what surprises they have instored for us! ;)

    2. Judging from the vision with Michelle and the many functions added, I'm they have plenty of exciting- and kinda frightening- surprises in store for us.

      But seriously though, I bought 20 diamonds to get my hands on that weapon. I REALLY hope I can get it back.

    3. Well other than that if you bought the adventure outfit you'll still have it on book 2 so maybe there's a possibility that it will comeback so the previous purchases on the diamond choices will be worth it

    4. time loop in chapter 2 is great! finally some brain challenge

    5. It really wrecks your brain to solve the puzzle XD

  2. OH MYYYY GOSHHH. This is amazing!! But the choices really do matter. This IS one of the best books ever. Though, I hope taking the glove was worth it. I hope none of my friends die :(

    1. Me too! I don't want anyone of them to die at all!!! and I hope they'll find Diego soon!

  3. okay so what outfit is for who? I tried the fire festival outfit male and went for Jake and he liked it and gave more dialouge than wearing other outfits

    1. I can't really say or know yet cause there's only one chp right now and there's a lot events that going to happen on the book :p

  4. Who should I save raj or grace or nun?

    1. You must be talking about Book 1, I really don't know what will happened if you save just one of them or none, I curios though :p

    2. So far they are still missing. Diego said he haven't seen Raj or grace for months when we finally get to talk to him

    3. Oh no I hope they get to find them quick :( but I'm glad Diego's alright :)

    4. I only saved Raj and practically every time he's on screen you get bonus points for him. And to mention Aliester will not shut up about Grace.

    5. I found out that if you didn't save Grace or Raj they'll eventually appear on chapter 4 and you're right about Aleister it's pretty obvious that he often listens or reacts when Grace is involved

  5. How come you talked to Rourke? I didn't have any of that, besides the chapter started with the conversation with Quinn, no interation with Craig..

    1. Did you get to see Rourke inside the tube in Book 1 you have to solve his computer password to do it

    2. That must be it. I didn't have ths diamonds to buy the folders so I didn't get a chance to enter the password.. well that sucks. This story really requires diamonds..

    3. Yeah and most of the bonus pts require it so in book 2 its really important to pay attention on your relationship with the other especially in the decision you're making

  6. Anyone else think diego looks SOO much cuter with the long hair and beard?

    1. He does look much cooler that way :3

    2. I've been freaking out since he appeared looking pretty darn good

    3. I hope his appearance stays that way and maybe a little trim won't hurt XD haha

  7. If one didn't get to see Rourke inside the tube in Book 1 what can they do? Because they don't give enough diamonds for special choices.

    1. I don't really know yet maybe you'll just have to play for your self besides there's still only one chapter on the book

  8. If I know the password but haven't found all of the folders in book 1, will I be able to see Rourke in the tube anyway?

    1. Well I don't know for sure others says that they can't but I really thought that you still can even if you didn't have all the dossiers. Can I ask you to play it out to see if it's really true and notif me if you can, I'm curious to know myself. I would really appreciate it :)

    2. I can confirm. You don't see him. :/

    3. Well that kinda sucks :<

  9. I finally crossed the time lap.. Here's some.help for you guys if you have not played chapter 2 yet.. You have to go with zahra to cross the river and LET HER FALL in the river.. Then you have to talk to SEAN so that he swims into the river and gets you the crystal ball.. In the second time loop.. You have to cross the river with ALEISTER so that he keeps that ball in his bag.. And then you have to chat with CRAIG and TAKE SOME REST so that the time loop is over.. And its over.. :D

    1. Thanks for sharing! That got me stuck for a while to solve :p

  10. In chapter 3.. I chose I'll go alone.. So it gave -zahra and -craig.. And +estela and +jake one point each

  11. A walkthrogh doesn't really help with the "emotions" thing... Because it depends on your status with them. I have chosen "Go spy on them" and got -1 with Zahra, Estela :/

    1. To be exact it affects your "relationship" with the characters and the availability of choices that are going to appear in the book.
      Maybe you weren't wearing the Camouflage outfit when you chose that

    2. Nope i wasn't, and MC slipped on a rock, or something like that, then we almost got caught by the watchers.

    3. Well if you habe the camoflouge outfit and select -spy on them, you will receive +1 Zahra and Estela

  12. Haha why do I look different in Book 2? Gotta say, I like me more in 2

  13. Plus one positive for Quinn when choosing I'm not about to leave u behind ! Which one did you choose btw? Since no positive or negative was given for any options :0

    1. 2nd opt "we need to get you to safety :3

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  15. Chapter 4: Island Justice
    [1]Correct! Now kneel and offer us tribute!
    [2]I think there's been a mistake... +1 Lila
    [3]Twelve Catalysts? Is that a metal band

    [1]Help save the world. +1 Lila
    [2]Find a way home.
    [3]Rescue our friends.

    -Telepathicly ask Varyyn for help 19 Diamonds
    -Return to the matter at hand

    [1] We seek harmony for all.
    [2]We are agents of change.

    -Ask Lila to defend your actions
    -Have Aleister accuse the Vaanti
    -Plead ignorance of the local customs

    -Appeal to Ximaedra
    -Challange Seraxa
    -Offer to help Uqzhaal*

    [1]Wave back.
    [2]Stick out your tongue.

    [1]Oh, I've seen some stuff... try me.
    [2]Does it have to do with 'The Endless'?

    [1]You're braver than all of us.
    [2]We'll find a way to cure you. +1 Quinn
    [3]You're not going through his alone.

    [1]This is what Rourke wants! (Danger choice) +3 or -3 Aleister
    [2]We'll leave you alone.

    (Skipped the diamond choices, oops)

  16. I have a question. If you don't start dating in the first chapter, then you can't do it later?
    (I hope you can understand me, I don't speak English)

    1. Actually you still can later on, the options for that will appear again depending on the situation you're in with your love interest and It's alright I can understand you just fine :)

  17. In Act 4: chapter 3 after "run to catch quinn", I choose "[3] I'm not about to leave you behind!" and get Quinn +1

  18. Chapter 4......."Twelve catalysts? Is that a metal band?"...... Will give you +1 Craig

  19. To pass through the time loop on chapter 4 you need to choose the following:
    We are agents of change
    Have Aleister accuse
    Offer to help

    1. But I didn't. .. I chose the harmony one instead of the change one...ended up being casted out to an island... what do I do now? There wasn't a time loop for me...there was only negotiating and ended up the queen didn't believe us but cause I had the help of the son which is the telepathy guy maybe that's why I survived...

    2. The goal of that part is to stay alive if you chose the wrong option you'll get killed on the game so you just have to be spared because the story will continue on the island you're going to

  20. In Act 4, if you say "Correct! Now kneel and and offer us tribute!" You get +1 Jake

  21. [3] I'm not about to leave you behind! Quinn +1

  22. Grab her by the hand! Michelle -1

  23. Chapter 3:
    (Choose to do Craig's plan) Craig +1

    Chapter 4:
    [3] Twelve catalysts? Is that a metal band? Craig+1 Zahra -1

    [3] Rescue our friend Diego +2

    I stuck here for a while, you have to choose:
    [1] We seek harmony among all
    [2] We are agents of change X

    - Have Aleister accuse the Vaanti X
    - Ask Lila to defend your actions
    - Plead ignorance of local customs

    - Challenge Seraxa
    - Appeal to Ximaedra
    - Offer to help Uqzhaal X

    1. Thanks for the update! :)

    2. I chose We seek harmony among , Have Aleister accuse the Vaanti, Offer to help Uqzhaal, and it worked as well.

  24. In Act 4 Chapter 3 when I chose "persuade Craig to sneak by" I had 47% chance and after I asked I got a -3 Craig :( :( His relationship gauge with me was at ☺, we weren't friends yet.

    1. Sorry to hear that :( It really is a 50-50 chance, If you remember any tags that appeared from the previous chapters like "You and Craig are now friends!" when you interact with him there's a possibility you might succeed to persuade him but remember it's always a risk and it depends on you to choose

  25. Rescue our friend for chapter 4 gets you Diego +2 :) and by the way for the dating part for both Sean and Quinn whatever you choose will always get +1 I think. And lastly the one where Quinn tells her sickness the last option got me a +1 too :)

    1. Thanks for the update! :)

    2. Hey Pat. .. you still haven't updated it yet...

    3. And also for chapter 5
      "Sounds like a deal" gives you Grace +1 and Sean +1 but Craig -1

    4. Thanks again! and sorry bout the last one just fixed it right now :3

  26. what happens if you catch the glove in chapter 1???

    1. It's just a clue, so basically, nothing... hahaha

    2. If you collect at least half +1 of all the clues in the whole book, you will be able to watch a scene (in book one was rourke in a restaurant, talking about the island things) :)

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Chapter 4:
      [3] Twelve catalysts? Is that a metal band? Craig+1 but Zahra -1 too.

      [3] Rescue our friend Diego +2

      [2] Does it have to do with 'The Endless'? - That option leads you to getting a clue. If you choose another option, you won't get a clue.

      Chapter 5:
      [3] Keep your eye on Yvonne - That option will give you a clue! :)

    2. Thanks for the update! :)

  28. Chapter 5:
    [1] Pick up a jeweled tiara!

    This gives you +1 Michelle

  29. Just One Question:How Do You Get Both Clues In Chapter 5??I Got 1of 2 For Keeping An Eye On The Pirate But What's The Second One?

    1. In one of the very first choices, during talking to the pirate lady, you have to pick: 'Okay, but I want that ball, and a share of the loot'.

  30. Here's ch 6!!

    Not all of them hated us +Diego, +grace, +aleister
    This could be our fault +raj, +craig
    We still need those idols back +Zahra, +Michelle, +lila

    This isn't you +3 Estela OR -3 Estela
    So this is goodbye

    Stand down, lila +3 Lila OR -3 Lila
    Stand down, seraxa

    Kill this thing once and for all +craig, -quinn
    Find out why it's here –Aleister, +GRace

    Use the torch 3
    Pull the lever 4
    Crank the wheel 1
    Load the shot 2

    +2 Grace +2 Aleister

    Get Taari out of the way (17 d)
    Let Seraxa try

    (Follow arrows like in Dance Dance Revolution ;P)

    +2 jake

    Give them to cetus –Jake, +Sean
    get them out of the city +jake –sean

    Ximaedra, come back! +Lila
    Varynn, don't go! +Estela

    Diego needs you +Lila
    do you want her death to be in vain? +Estela

    "Iron chains" +Estela, +Lila

    catch +Diego

    Tell seraxa to get the idol (12 d)
    tell her to stay back

    Buy the vaanti oufit (25 d) +2 Michelle, +2 raj *
    No thanks

    ++++ If you saved Taari:


    Seraxa's oath blade (is a CLUE)


    +2 estela (if vaanti outfit worn)

    1. +2 Estela at the very end is +2 with a person you are dating, actually. I don't know what if you are dating more people. I agree with everything else! Wow, good job with writing it so fast :)

    2. I know Diego's into Varyyn, but I'd like to date Diego, is it possible?

    3. Hazel is Right I got +2 with Quinn and someone got +2 with Jake

    4. @max_cover @hazel I'm dating jake, estela and quinn (haven't had the chance to date sean yet). I only got +2 estela. ;P

      the trick to writing fast is looking up let's plays on youtube while i play so as to put together all the options

    5. Jesús - Diego is not a love interest, he's just a good friend (and I believe at some point we learn he is MC's suitemate or something, so dating him would not be a great idea...I know this from personal experience haha). He also alludes to being interested in one of the other classmates on the trip so it appears he has his sights set on someone else.

  31. In chapter 3
    [2] Persuade Zahra to ambush (I had a 39% chance) Zahra+2, Craig+1

  32. In chapter 6 how do you unlock the bonus scene at the end ?

    1. I had done everything perfect I put the word "Anchor" and everything... how do you unlock it ?

    2. How do i get them ? Does it involve one of the gem choices ? And if you had seem the bonus scene whats it ?

    3. You get all the clues by selecting the premium choices. And the bonus scene of chapter 6 is rourke hiring lundren to work for him, and giving him jake in return. (What I remember)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Act 4, Chapter 6: You Can't Save Everyone
    [1] Not all of them hated us (Diego, Grace, Aleister+1)
    [2] This could be our fault (Raj, Craig+1)
    [3] We still need those idols back (Zahra, Michelle, Lila+1)

    Also, the diamond choice here leads after the fight to Clue 10, Seraxa's obsidian ritual blade:
    [1] Get Taari out of the way! 17 diamonds
    [2] Let Seraxa try!

  35. What do i need to wear in chapter 6 to get points for Estella?

  36. What do I have to wear in chapter 1 to get points for when i meet with Estela ?

  37. Anyone played chapter 7 yet?

  38. Replies
    1. Chapter 7 Choices

      Choice 1
      Please, I can't lose her. (Grace +1)
      You owe us! (Craig +1)

      Choice 2
      You will receive the Silver Sap clue
      Take a big gulp!(Raj +1) (Jake -1) (Michelle -1)
      Take a small sip. (Raj -1) (Lila +1)

      Choice 3
      Trippy. (Raj +1) (Craig +1) (Sean -1)
      Beautiful. (Estela +1) (Zahra +1) (Michelle -1)

      Choice 4
      Run through Diego. (Diego +1)
      Hug Michelle. (Michelle +1)
      Prank Raj.(Raj +1)

      Choice 5
      Keep going forward. (Raj +1) (Michelle +1)
      Search for another way. (Michelle -1)

      Choice 6
      Tell them to stop! (No Effect)
      Close your eyes. (No effect)

      Choice 7
      Good. They need balance. (Grace +1) (Diego +1) (Estela -1)
      Pointless. They'll just fight again. (Craig +1) (Estela +1) (Grace -1)

      Choice 8
      This choice is timed!
      Accelerate time!
      Freeze time!
      Reverse time! (Zahra +1) (Estela +1)

      Choice 9
      This choice is timed!
      Accelerate time!
      Freeze time! (Zahra +1) (Estela +1)
      Reverse time!

      Choice 10
      This choice is timed!
      Accelerate time! (Aleister +1) (Jake +1)
      Freeze time!
      Reverse time!

      Choice 11
      Get the idol! (12 diamonds)
      Let it go.

      Choice 12
      You will receive (Grace +1) and (Michelle +1). You will need to enter a phrase to find out where the Heart is.
      The words are: Throne Room or Throne both work
      You will receive (Lila +1) and (Aleister +1) if you put in the correct phrase.

      Choice 13
      She needs you right now. (18 diamonds)
      Never mind.
      If you chose to let Craig comfort Zahra, you will get (Craig +4) and (Zahra +4).

    2. Do you know how to get the second clue in Chapter 7? I selected all the premium choices and only got the 1/2.

    3. When Diego tells you to stop reversing time, keep going and you'll get an extra scene with the other clue.

  39. If you step aside for Estela in Chapter 1 You get +2 points for her and -1 points from Aleister

  40. Chapter 7 has been released 🙆🙆

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Great help! Thanks! But could you tell me when you asked questions to Rourke what were his answers? Since, I couldn't figure out his password, my curiosity is going haywire! Could anybody tell me the answers ? Thanks! :*

    1. Are you referring to his computer password on Book 1?

    2. In Book 2 Act 4, Chapter 2: Time Is of the Essence, In this chapter, since I did not make premium choices, I wasn't able to question Rourke. If you were able to, could you tell the answered Rourke gave to the questions asked?

    3. Sorry I don't particularly know each answer on the question but if you're stuck on that part follow this:
      You have to go with zahra to cross the river and LET HER FALL in the river.. Then you have to talk to SEAN so that he swims into the river and gets you the crystal ball.. In the second time loop.. You have to cross the river with ALEISTER so that he keeps that ball in his bag.. And then you have to chat with CRAIG and TAKE SOME REST so that the time loop is over.
      (C) @Keka Dey :)

  43. Act 4, Chapter 3: Those Left Behind

    [1] Tap three times at the statue's hand
    [2] Cover the statue's face Jake +2
    [3] Kiss the statue's lips

  44. Do you want to start dating Sean?

    [1] Yes Sean +2
    [2] Not now Sean+1

  45. Endless Summer Chapter 8:

    [1] Run for help
    [2] Reach out to her (correct)
    [3] Grab a weapon

    [1] Let her rest -> 50%, Quinn +3, Quinn -3
    [2] Tell her now, Quinn +1

    [1] Safe?
    [2] Dangerous?

    [1] Ready Sweat Go outfit 20 Diamonds
    [2] No thanks

    [1] You should be happy, Quinn -1
    [2] It's okay to be sad, Quinn +1

    [1] correct answer: Turtle, Grace +1, Aleister +1, Zahra +1
    [2] incorrect answer, Zahra -1

    [1] Grab the idol 12 Diamonds
    [2] Leave it be

    [1] Cheer for Varyyn & Deigo, Diego +1, Michelle -1
    [2] Cheer for Craig and Michelle, Craig +1, Michelle +1, Diego -1

    *who you cheer for determines the winner

    [1] Pretend it's delicious, Raj -1
    [2] Make a big show of it, Raj +1 (correct)

    [1] Play with Jake and Sean 20 Diamonds
    [2] Back out

    [1] Find a way to bring you home! Grace +2, Diego +1, Jake -1
    [2] Visit you in Costa Rica! Raj +1, Craig +1, Jake +1

    [1] Shut her down!
    [2] Hear her out!

    *no effect on characters

  46. There is a Chapter 8 update available!!!

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. I just love your walkthroughs! You do such a wonderful job! But do you know any good hack site?

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  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. "You'll come with us through the portal too, right?" Gives you iris+1 and aleister+1

  52. And all three choices with Lila gives +2

  53. On chapter 9, if you choose: You're right. We've gotta split up. You get Alesiter+1

  54. Check the cockpit controls!
    Grace +1

  55. Thank you for the walk through!!

    Here're some that I got:

    You'll come through the portal too right? (Iris +1, Aleister +1, Zahra -1 )

    Check the cockpit controls (Grace +1, Jake +1 )

    1. I don't remember getting Jake +1 in the last one you mentioned. Maybe that's +1 with Love Interest (my character doesn't have one).

    2. Thanks for the update! :)

  56. And also... (sorry, but I forgot about this, so I need to write new comment)
    [1] Poke the shard* [b]<- You have to pick this one if you want a clue[/b]
    [2] Watch it cautiously

    And of course, if you fail tough choice with Jake, you get [b]-3 with him[/b]. But it's a tough choice that really matters, cause if you succeed, Jake goes with you, and if you fail, he doesn't!

    1. Has anybody found the other clue besides the one from touching the shard?

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Hello just woundering if it actually matters what mask I pick in Chapter 8?? :)

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.


  60. A guide for Endless Summer 2 CHAPTER 10

    Where are we? -1 Zahra
    Did you get some rest? +1 Zahra

    How did they find you? +1 Zahra
    Why are they still after us? (nothing)

    Think back on everything that’s happened. +1 Zahra, -1 Jake
    Enjoy the peace. -1 Zahra, +1 Jake
    Prepare for the journey. +1 Zahra, +1 Jake

    Michelle +1 Michelle
    Diego +1 Diego

    Proof. -1 Estela
    Something to remember her by. +1 Estela

    Let's get you connected. (18 diamonds, clue)
    Sorry, guys.

    Call. +1 Sean
    Fold. +1 Jake

    Michelle. +1 Michelle
    Me! -1 Michelle

    Buy this item! (25 diamonds) (I didn't choose this but I was told you get plus points with your LI)
    No thanks.

    Fruity Cocktail. +1 Michelle, +1 Jake
    Aged Whiskey. +1 Jake +1 Estela
    Ice-Cold Beer. +1 Estela, +1 Jake, -1 Michelle

    Celebrating how much you've changed. +1 Lila
    An excuse to party. +1 Raj
    All about kissing. +1 Grace

    Appreciate how lucky I've been. +1 Quinn
    Hold onto what matters. +1 Craig
    Stop looking back. +1 Sean

    People who have birthdays:
    Aleistar, Craig, Quinn, Michelle, Estella, Raj, Zahra, Me! (+1 for each correct character, -1 for an incorrect character)

    The whole group.

    Estela (20 diamonds) +clue
    Jake (20 diamonds) +clue
    Quinn (20 diamonds) +clue
    Sean (20 diamonds) +clue
    No one

    You don't have to do this. -1 Estela
    Let's do this. +1 Estela

  61. @Jorge Avila Thanks for the help, I appreciate it :) <3

    1. Happy to help, I tend to play ES chapters more than once, so ur walkthroughs have helped me to see where I may have lost points, or can get more, etc. Also, if you want to double check ur walkthroughs with other sources, the wikia for the choices games also has a page on there strictly for ES choices (book 1 and 2 respectively). The link is :http://choices-stories-you-play.wikia.com/wiki/Endless_Summer,_Book_2_Choices

  62. In Chapter 9, if we don't have the jacket, we will be given following choices multiple times to leave the aeroplane wing safely
    Can choose walk or run, if not the MC will die and restart from checkpoint.

  63. Haha when I asked Zahra for a cup of coffee, she rejected. I had a 62% whilst this had a 65% and was given +3?

    1. It's a matter of chance, you just got unlucky. If you care about things like the tough choices, I would suggest replaying the chapter. Hopefully 2nd time around u get it. I had 52 and 50 when it was Estela and Aleister and got them both first time around.

  64. If you leave Jake in the chapter 9, does he come back in the next chapters ?

  65. I knew we couldn't trust Lila! Like honestly, I've been waiting for her to be busted as Rourke's lackey. (SPOILER AHEAD)

    But the fact that she killed Estela's mom really did surprise me? What do you guys think about the whole situation?
    Ps. I love this blog and really appreciate the work you're doing to help everyone :D

    1. She's a victim as much as anyone else imo. It doesnt excuse her actions, but Rourke took advantage of Lila being lonely and in need of a father figure.

    2. I get where you're coming from, that she was vulnerable and manipulated by Rourke and in that respect - yes, she's a victim. But killing an innocent person who has literally just handed you proof that man you work for is a maniac murderer - that's your own choice and you've gotta face the consequences.

    3. That's what I'm saying lmao. She still made that choice and needs to be held accountable for it. Granted, if given the choice, I won't let Estela kill Lila (and I don't think PB would let us, even if we get the choice ). But also, I don't think you get what I'm saying. The reason why Rourke trusts Lila so much is because of her undying loyalty. She feels like she owes him for helping her turn her life around. Someone with that mindset would never turn on that aforementioned person. However, because she and IRIS have relationship status on them... I think whether or not they join the gang's side and turn on Rourke will be determined by how close they are to the MC.

    4. Lila was acting pretty weird even since the earlier chapters like that one time she throw out a vaanti soldier out of the window( I don't remember if the guy died or lived) But it's kinda sad that Lila actually killed someone innocent and the timing that it was discovered is going to make problems with everyone's relationship in the gang especially now that they're really settling in with each other. And I was just starting to like Lila too. I can't wait to see what kind of plot twist is going to happen this time

    5. Jorge - I do get what you're saying because it was very clear and there's no need to act like I don't. What I responded to in your initial comment was "she's a victim as much as anyone else" and after saying that Rourke's manipulation doesn't excuse her actions you wrote but - which is indicative that an excuse (or in this case maybe more of an explanation) of the behaviour is coming.

      I played the chapter as well and fully understand how Rourke was able to gain Lila's unyielding loyalty - where our opinions seem to differ is that I get the feeling you feel (based on what you've written) that Lila is a good person at heart and can be redeemed, whereas I feel (even though I don't think she's necessarily a bad person deep down) that her deceiving the group and intending to betray them this entire time makes her totally untrustworthy and one of the bad guys.

    6. Pat Chi - just wanna say a quick thank you for this blog! It's super helpful and being able to connect and discuss the stories with others is great, so thank you!! :)

    7. @A. Morris, awww that's sweet of you to say :) I'm happy that many of you guys enjoy the game, sharing your thoughts and opinions, connecting with each other. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog. I appreciate it. A lot ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ <3 <3 <3

  66. Holy flip flop!!!! Chapter 10 and the extra scene were a DOOZY!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah. It's a good thing that Yvonne is still going to appear on future chapters and I really want to know who the heck was that guy wearing the red spacesuit.
      I don't have the slightest idea who that is :3 Do you guys have any wild guesses about this mysterious spaceman?

  67. I got -1 Estela for aged whiskey

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  69. Hi, so for me in Act V chapter 6 with Lila it wasent like you. Though I hade more % than you. (And with Quinn I was at 76% and got +4!)

    [1] Stand down, Lila (Had a 74% chance) Lila -3
    [2] Stand down, Seraxa

    1. Is Quinn your LI though???

    2. Yah. She is. Dose that change things?

    3. Yeah, I think u get more points from ur LI here and there.

  70. Some guesses for who the person in the red suit could be... I would say either MC (goes back in time to prevent everyone's deaths) or is somehow connected to the MC (i.e. a biological parent)

    1. I think it's the mc going back in time too

  71. Is there any point in the Get Sweat Go Outfit or not?

    1. Not really, It just gives you extra relationship pts

  72. Chapter 11's Walkthrough! Hope this helps

    Get in between them [Estella -1 ]
    Call for a truce [Lila +1 ]
    Stay out of it [Estella +1, Sean -1, Quinn -1 ]

    What if Rourke orders you to kill us? [nothing]
    What could possibly worth all of this [Craig +1, Clue found #1 ]

    Talk to it [Grace +1, Aleister +1]
    Roar at it [haven't tried it ]
    Break a window [nothing]

    I'm sorry about your mother [based on your rs with Estella +3]
    I'll give you some space [nothing]

    Climb up to rescue Yuki [Sean +1, Quinn +1, Aleister -1]
    Call Yuki to come down to you [Aleister +1, Craig -1, Zahra -1

    Take the Yeti [diamond, Diego +1, Zahra +1, Clue found #2]
    Pull Quinn away

    Melt the idol out [Idol found #1]
    Leave it

    Rourke kills his hired help [Estella +1]
    Lundgren will backstab you [Jake +1]

    We can get the pieces back
    That man broke you [Correct answer. The other two would just bring you back to the choice]
    I know you're in there

    [Whoever you save will get +2]

  73. Chapter 11 has been released!

  74. In chapter 11, answering "What could be worth all of this?" gives you a clue.

  75. If you save one at the end of chapter 11, the others will stay alive or what?

    1. Just heavily injured, but yes... the other two survive. It's just the one you go to save that is not injured.

  76. If you're already dating someone how can you increase your hearts? I'm dating Quinn and Sean and I can't go past half a heart :(

    1. You can increase their hearts if you chose the options favored to them. You might not notice it right way but it will increase if you keep it up :3

    2. It's true I'm dating Sean (with a male Avavtar) and I have one-and-a-half hearts

  77. A tip for chapter 12, when you are in the car choose "anon_transmission" for a clue!!


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